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What Happens When You Don’t Get Rid of Clutter?

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Sometime ago I read about a very tragic event.

But before I tell you the details….

Apparently the tragic ending happened, at least in part, because of a habitual problem.

It’s a problem many people are afflicted with. They collect piles of stuff, mostly lots of papers….at least that’s what I’ve observed.

Do you know anyone who does that?

Do you have piles of papers lying around your home or office?

Why is that not such a good thing?

Well, there’s more than one reason.

  • For one thing, piles of papers can be very distracting, causing you to lose focus. Those piles can make you flit about going from one thing to another without finishing anything you’re working on.
  • Or they can make you take longer to finish a project.
  • They can cause confusion…your brain goes all over the place.
  • And so it takes longer to find things….

What a time waster, right?

Now what I’ve already said should be reason enough to get rid of clutter, right?

Yes, it should be, but if you need another motivator, you need to pay attention now to learn about the tragedy that happened to someone who was afflicted with collecting clutter.


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