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Can Positive Lyrics Create Positive Thoughts?

Friday, December 18th, 2009
Free Positive Thoughts
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Several days ago the positive thoughts I had been enjoying were rudely disrupted by an email that aroused my anger. It was from a company representative who obviously had not read and comprehended every previous correspondence I had sent.

Or did she choose to ignore them because she didn’t want to give me a refund?

Maybe she’s on commission?

Or does the company that employs her use an intentionally misleading slogan “…our goal is to exceed your expectations”?

Let me tell you, not only were my expectations not exceeded…They came a long way from being met!

Because of that company’s lack of customer service, this blog was unavailable for 2 days before Thanksgiving. When I paid online, I expected to receive clear instructions of what to do next. But all I got was an email receipt saying that if I had questions to go to their online support address.

Can you believe it? They didn’t even send me a friendly welcome!

The only clear instruction I could find in their online support was to change the DNS, so I did that. Later I discovered that instead of seeing my blog, visitors would see the page this company had put up which mainly advertised their hosting service.

They were getting free advertising while my blog was unavailable! So why should they be in any hurry?

Then when I alerted them that my blog was unavailable, they asked me to re-submit the information I had already given them!

So I knew my blog might be unavailable for a lot longer, especially with the Thanksgiving holiday.

Reflecting on the fact that no clear instructions were given when I paid, I began thinking this was not the type of company I want hosting my blog. But I didn’t want to make a hasty judgment, and Thanksgiving was the next day. I really did want this to work out.


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