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What’s Love Got to Do With an Accident?

Monday, May 31st, 2010

The love doves compelled me to write this story. The past couple of days I’ve seen them many times outside my office window, side by side, nestled in the grass by the ginger plants or on the patio, fence or second story windowsill of my neighbor’s house.

Suddenly it came to me. The love doves are telling me to write about all the love in the air following the accident of my daughter and her boyfriend in Thailand during their vacation.

Following that revelation, the song “Love is in the Air” quickly entered my mind.

I found a video for you with the song and lyrics as well as meaningful pictures:

Did you watch it?

Don’t you just love the melody and lyrics?

I’ve been receiving love and care the past couple of days from people who are concerned about how I’m doing. And I’m amazed at that, because I’m not the one in distress. It’s my daughter and her boyfriend who are in a hospital in Krabi, Thailand.

Here’s the story…


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