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How Grateful Do You Think Natalie and Dan Are to Be Out of the Hospital in Thailand?

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010
Spirit House Thailand
Image by Pix of Stuff via Flickr

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a month since Natalie and Dan’s accident. The best thing about this is that Dan is a month closer to walking again.

Another good thing is that when tragic events occur, it gives people the chance to show how much they care.  Natalie and Dan’s accident is no exception.

At the hospital Natalie got to spend nights in Dan’s room on the little vinyl couch instead of alone somewhere else. And when Dan’s meals arrived, there always seemed to be extra for Natalie.

Dan had no health insurance because he had too many expenses already with huge student loans to pay while he was trying to build up his acupuncture practice. So he and Natalie were surprised and grateful at how low the hospital bill was.

No wonder so many Americans go to Thailand for surgery! As my brother, Robert, says “A passport is the best health insurance.”

Travel can be rewarding in other ways. You never know who you’ll meet and how. Sometimes you make new and wonderful friends.

When Natalie and Dan flipped off the motorbike, a French couple behind them stopped to help.  Several days later this very nice couple rode for two and a half  hours each way on a motor bike to the hospital to visit with Natalie and Dan for 30 minutes. And they brought Dan a gift!

In the Thai hospital the nurses were so cheerful and friendly. Because they liked Natalie and Dan so much, the nurses invited them to dine with them on their last full day in the hospital. Each nurse brought delicious homemade Thai food.  What a treat that was for Natalie and Dan!

More treats followed  as they traveled the next day. With Dan’s leg needing to be kept straight and elevated, his mom bought business class seats for them. That meant much more comfortable seats than coach class and also the use of special lounges in the airports. In the lounges they got lots of good food and beverages for free.

The day before they were to arrive at the airport in Los Angeles, my friend, Debbie, called me. She had been keeping Dan’s car at her home until they returned to drive back to San Diego. Debbie felt moved to buy almost all of an air ticket for me to Los Angeles so that I would be there for Natalie.

Given such a heartfelt offer, how could I say no?


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