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Who Suffers the Most When You Don’t Stop Procrastinating and Start Forgiving?

Friday, July 30th, 2010
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It was last Saturday morning when I got back from a very unexpected weeklong trip to upstate New York. As a result, I’ve been playing catch-up since my return.

Instead of traveling I had expected to be home alone while Brian and Natalie drove her fiancé Dan’s car to upstate New York to Dan’s parents’ home. That’s where Natalie and Dan will reside for a few months while he continues his recovery from his disabling accident in Thailand. (Read about the accident)

My plans changed quickly when on the Friday before their scheduled departure on Monday, Brian received a phone call from his brother. Mike told him that their mother, Julia, had been hospitalized and not expected to live much longer. Her blood pressure was way out of whack and her body was cold.

Just a few days earlier Brian’s sister Anna had told us how well Julia was doing in the nursing home. So Mike’s news was a surprise.

I knew Brian wanted to be with his mother again before she passed away, so I told him that I would take his place to drive with Natalie, and I would book a flight for him to leave as soon as possible.

Very early the next morning I drove Brian to the airport.  When I returned home, I continued preparing to leave the following morning for the long drive to New York.

Meanwhile, Julia’s children and grandchildren gathered in her room in upstate New York to be with her during her final hours.  During that time, Brian’s sister Anna was moved to ask forgiveness from her brother Peter and from Peter’s son, Peter. They hadn’t spoken in many years because


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