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Can Positive Thoughts Help You?

Monday, February 28th, 2011

When cold weather struck here in Houston, Texas, plunging temperatures down into the twenties for several days straight, it was a challenge for me to think positive thoughts. That happened several weeks ago.

Then, the following week, it happened again! And we didn’t even get snow! At least a rare sight of snow would have made those temperatures more bearable for me.

Now if you haven’t figured it out yet, I don’t like cold weather. I’ve spent most of my life in areas of Texas where it’s unusual to freeze for several days straight, especially with temperatures in the twenties. So perhaps I’m not quite as positive as I could be when it gets cold.

Was it because I wasn’t that positive that my computer started having problems? It was just reacting so slowly whenever I wanted to see a website or email. And forget about watching any videos! The videos never completely loaded…or maybe they would have if I waited for hours.

When I mentioned my computer problem to someone who spends a lot of time on a computer, he told me that the Internet slows down in cold weather. “So that’s it,” I thought. But the problem continued when the weather warmed up.

Since my husband knows more about computer stuff like that than I do, I called upon him for help.  And of course, he did his best to help, but still my computer remained slow and ornery. So then he called our Internet service provider. The tech guy who answered his call said we might need a filter.

When Brian told me that, I asked him if we have a filter, and he said, “I think we do, but I don’t know where it is.” So I told him to ask himself where to find it.

And can you believe it? …


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