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Will You Receive Peace, Love and Happiness from the White Buffalo Calf?

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

As we were eating breakfast this morning, Brian drew my attention to an article in today’s Houston Chronicle, “White buffalo calf is the ‘hope of all nations.’”

Peace, Love and Happiness

Peace, Love and Happiness

In the article I read that the calf was born on May 12, 2011, during a thunderstorm about 50  miles northeast of Dallas, Texas, on the Lakota Ranch owned by Arby Little Soldier. With its dark nose and eyes and marking at the tip of its tail, this calf is not an albino. The Lakota Sioux Indians believe this white buffalo calf with those particular dark markings is sacred.

They say that a white buffalo is a sign that we’ll endure hard times unless everyone lives in harmony with each other and Mother Nature.

According to Samuel Joseph Lone Wolf, a Native American elder, “It’s the beginning of a new age, new times. The birth of the white buffalo calf, it tells us we need to get right, not just with Mother Nature but with all nations and with the Creator, which is God.”

And I say, Yes! Let’s have more Peace, Love and Happiness!

What are your thoughts about the birth of the white buffalo calf?

Will it motivate you to make some changes in your life?

What prejudices will you get rid of?

How will you respect the rights of gays and lesbians?

If they get married, how does it harm your life?

Is it good to be judgmental of the beliefs of others?

Shouldn’t we all have the same rights?

What will you do to receive peace, love and happiness?

I have some suggestions for you in the lyrics of my song, ‘Let’s Create Peace’


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