Can You Guess Who Approved of My Inspirational Story?

Snails in Atrium

Image by LyricalJoyce via Flickr

This is a follow-up to the inspirational story I wrote last week (my last previous post).

So if you haven’t yet read “How Can You Be Helped by This Inspirational Story?” do it now because it is the beginning of this story.

Here’s the follow-up story.

It was late at night, shortly after I had finished writing the rough draft of that story, when Brian called me to have a look in our atrium.

I couldn’t believe what I saw!

So many snails gathered together on the rocks (See the picture above) in our atrium and, of course, not a snail shell in sight! As best as I could tell, I’d say there were at least fifteen snails.

What did this mean?

To me, without question, it meant that the snails approved of my story about them. I must admit, I did have slight reservations about writing about snails. After all, most people aren’t likely to get excited to see a snail, much less read about them. Right?

So I had my confirmation from the snails and got Brian to take pictures of them. That gathering of snails was a rare sight indeed, and I wanted to keep the memory in pictures not only for myself, but also so you could see that I’m not so loony as perhaps you thought when you read my inspirational story.

And would you believe this?

As if one confirmation by the snails wasn’t enough, the snails made an appearance the next night! And this time there were probably twice as many of them. I’d say there were thirty-one of them gathered on the rocks of our atrium. Since they were not lined up in rows, counting them was pretty challenging.

I’ve discovered that snails can be quite fascinating to watch. They gracefully slither, slowly but surely.

What fascinates you about nature’s creatures?

Do you take time to notice?

Surely you’ve heard that saying “Take time to smell the roses.”

How does that apply to you?

Are you taking time to appreciate little treasures of nature?

Take a cue from my lyrics in the song “This Sunny Day” –

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Lovely flowers send
delightful fragrances to me.
I know that out in nature
is where I should be.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Get your nature fix whenever you can. It’s good for mind body spirit.

If you recall, I told you in that inspirational story that Brian and I were working on a project. And just as the snails foretold, our progress was slow and steady…

and we finally finished! Yes!

The inspirational video that Brian created from my lyrics is now on YouTube. Take 5 minutes to watch it when you want to be uplifted and inspired. Relax as you focus on the inspirational quotes set against a background of blue sky and calm blue water while heavenly classical music plays.

Do let others know about it. You want everyone to be inspired, too, don’t you?

Send them to

And do you know how else you can inspire others?

Get yourself inspired by knowing your intention. Let The Intention Attractor help you with that if you have problems knowing what you should be doing.

After you’ve been enlightened and inspired, leave a comment below this post about what has inspired you. And don’t get hung up about entering your email address. It will not be displayed with the comment. I’ll receive an email letting me know that you left a comment. Then I can acknowledge your comment.

Looking forward to your inspiring comments.

Till next time…

Wishing you peace, love and happiness,

Joyce Marie
Songwriter and singer

P.S. Remember that The Intention Attractor can help you in knowing your intentions both now and in the future. And it’s a time-efficient method.

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8 Responses to “Can You Guess Who Approved of My Inspirational Story?”

  1. adrian Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading your blog. Personally, I find inspiration in blue skies and sunsets, in the sound of the waves and the rustle of leaves among tree tops.
    .-= adrian´s last blog ..When You Work For A Company =-.

  2. joyce Says:

    Adrian, I’m glad you enjoyed reading my blog. Thanks for letting me know. As you’ve discovered, nature is full of inspiration.

  3. demotivators Says:

    Wow, surely appreciate your dedication to this topic. Have been stumbling on various sites and i surely like the simplistic design here. Anyways, humor is rare and i wouldn’t like to have a moment in my life where i have nothing to look upon and laugh, hence Post Bookmarked 😀

  4. Bob Lipply Says:

    This is so interesting Joyce, to be honest I don’t remember seeing snails without shells and what you saw is a group! The message I get from the picture is how even snails like to stay close to each other. No creature likes to stay isolated.

  5. Joyce Says:

    Hi Bob, I love the message you shared of how no creature likes to stay isolated. Thank you!

  6. web design or Says:

    Great post nice to find some one creating good posts

    P.S nice site

  7. Abundant Life Says:

    I’m a long time watcher and I just thought I’d drop by and say hello there there for the very first time.

  8. Joyce Says:

    Hello to you, too, Abundant Life! Thanks for being a long time watcher!

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