Do Motivational Stories Help You?

I believe that motivational stories can help you, so let me tell you this one. It’s my own experience.

In case you don’t already know this from another story, I really love to sing…even in front of an audience! Since I don’t play a musical instrument, I’ve become quite accustomed to singing a capella, which means singing without musical accompaniment.

Lucky for me, I can stay on key through a whole song without music. My brother, Robert, a singer and musician, told me that not many people can do that. So I feel blessed with that gift!

When my daughter, Natalie, asked if I wanted to write a song and sing it at her wedding reception, I was thrilled. I began writing the song last year and completed it months ago. Then I began practicing singing it and also doing voice and breathing exercises daily.

I practiced over and over again…and then some more. And I only expected to be really good when I performed my song at her wedding. I never considered that I would do less than my best.

I also told myself in my twice daily affirmations that I am a successful singer. I had great expectations and positive thoughts….

Did all that practicing and positive thinking and affirmations pay off?

Here’s what happened…

Motivational Stories

Joyce Marie, mother-of-the-bride, singing at the wedding reception

When I sang at the wedding reception, in front of a band and before an audience of about 117 people, I wasn’t even nervous. Since it was a love song, I sang it looking at my husband, Brian. And I was singing with no musical accompaniment. So my voice was extra important. It was a challenging song requiring that my singing be exceptionally good.

After I sang my song, I received many uplifting compliments on my performance, as well as the song. My brother, Robert, said I was really brave.

It’s amazing how brave you can be when you really want to do something.

What is it that motivates you to be brave?

Do you have a dream of doing something that calls for courage?

How are you keeping that dream alive?

Do you cherish that dream and do things to make it happen?

With those questions in mind, check out these lyrics from my song, ‘Choose A Dream:’

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Once in a lifetime and even more
you can have the dream you’re longing for.
Cherish and nourish that dream each day.
Never let your dream wilt away.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It seems to me that when you have a dream you’re longing for, you’ve been given a gift that needs to be shared with the world.

What are your thoughts about that?

What do you believe?

How many motivational stories will you have to tell after you’ve achieved your dreams?

What if your motivational story helped someone to accomplish their dreams, too?

How wonderful would that make you feel?

Till next time…

Wishing you peace, love and happiness,

Joyce Marie

P.S. Believe in yourself and believe in your dreams. As I’ve said before, “What one can do, others can, too. Why not you?”

To help strengthen your belief, I recommend The Belief Secret. In this guide to believing, you’ll find many amazing motivational stories.

I think that by reading this guide I was inspired to write a song about believing many months ago. That song is off to a great start, but it’s not yet complete. Maybe when I read the book again, I just might get that song finished!

What will you get inspired to do after you’ve read The Belief Secret?
Get motivated now! Read The Belief Secret!

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23 Responses to “Do Motivational Stories Help You?”

  1. Carl Says:

    Believing in yourself and being passionate about your dream helps you to overcome the fear of creating it. I personally have used music to help me in a similar fashion.

    I commend you Joyce for continuing to follow your dream and you have not appeared to waver in any direction – you are awesome and inspiring to those around you.

    More people should be following and supporting you. Thanks for sharing your story as it has helped me to move forward today.

  2. Joyce Says:

    Hi Carl, Thank you so much for your kind and uplifting comments! I’m so happy to know that I helped you to move forward today…You’ve made my day extra special!

    What music did you use to help you?

  3. Theo Magen@nyc flower delivery Says:

    Yes motivational stories do help me. I feel they give you tools to be happy and most of all they are positive. This encourages you to make positive changes in your life, according to your will, not according to the will of others. With this realization you will meet every new day with a new eagerness. This is a sign of a happy life.

  4. Joyce Says:

    Hi Theo, Thank you for sharing your positive experience and wisdom!

  5. Mamie@breast actives scam Says:

    Yes, we are brave and being positive thinker we can do the impossible to possible. I always experience that in my church here. In a situation that I’m not really prepared and don’t have any idea to what to say in front of church members. Your post inspire me a lot. There’s nothing impossible if we trust Him.

  6. Dixia Shi@evening dresses Says:

    Congratulations on singing in font of such a huge audience. Very true that you need to be courageous and step ahead in achieving your dreams. For this you need to think positively. This can be of great help when you are not sure whether it will work or not. And of course constant motivation will help boost your morale and self confidence.

  7. Joyce Says:

    I’m so happy my post inspired, you Mamie! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Joyce Says:

    Thank you, Dixia!

  9. Joyce Says:

    Hi Mamie, I’m so happy my post inspired you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  10. Ruby Says:

    Motivational stories really helps me inspires and become strong in life. And reading your story helps me appreciate life. Thanks for sharing.
    Ruby´s last blog post ..Trying To Get Pregnant Tips

  11. Celestine Says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing your inspiring post.I hope a lot of people will inspire this..I learn a lot to improve my self confidence..God bless!
    Celestine´s last blog post tableware

  12. Abby Says:

    Thank you for this one great post. Motivational stories gives inspiration to those who needed it the most. And for someone like me it helps me to be positive in all aspects of life.
    Abby´s last blog post ..Getting Pregnant Faster

  13. Joyce Says:

    My pleasure, Ruby! And thank you for commenting.

  14. Joyce Says:

    Thank you, Celestine! Be confident!

  15. Joyce Says:

    Hi Abby, Thank you for your comment.

  16. katie Says:

    Do motivational stories help me? i had jaundice for 2 months straight. i was so depressed i wont be able to play the soccer tournament next month. and my little brother said, don’t worry sis, i am there for you. you can do it. need anymore proof???
    katie´s last blog post ..Physical Therapy Assistant

  17. Joyce Says:

    Thank you for your comment, Katie.

  18. Marquis Says:

    In a situation that I’m not really prepared and don’t have any idea to what to say in front of church members. Your post inspire me a lot. Keep up the good work.
    Marquis´s last blog post ..How to win the lottery guaranteed

  19. Joyce Says:

    Hi Marquis, I’m so happy my post inspired you! Thanks for letting me know.

  20. Beth Smith Says:

    Motivational stories gives inspiration to those who needed it the most. And for someone like me it helps me to be positive in all aspects of life, Thanks for the post.
    Beth Smith´s last blog post ..How to win the lottery guaranteed

  21. Joyce Says:

    Hi Beth, I’m glad you liked my post and that motivational stories help you to be positive in your life. Thanks so much for commenting!

  22. Claudia Simpson Says:

    Very intresting stories gives inspiration to those who needed it the most. And for someone like me it helps me to be positive in all aspects of life, Thanks for the post, keep up good work.
    Claudia Simpson´s last blog post ..Forex

  23. Joyce Says:

    Thanks for writing, Claudia!

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