How Do Inspirational Sayings Affect You?

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From the many choices of inspirational sayings out there, my friend Sue reminded me last night of this well-known one: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

We were discussing what I could write about, and she mentioned not being judgmental. Then she stated that quote I just mentioned.

Sue continued by saying that people need to know that they are loved. They also need to know that what they do is okay and that you care.

Acting upon what Sue said, I researched the Internet about inspirational sayings, focusing on the quote about not judging a book by its cover. And I found a quote that I like so much better.

This quote by Mother Teresa relates directly to what Sue said…

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

All of this reminds me of my teen years. Back then I was shy and very self-conscious. As I walked between classes at the small town high school I attended, I avoided eye contact with boys approaching in the opposite direction. I was too shy to even say ‘Hi.”

I learned that the boys thought I was arrogant. That’s how they judged me. How it hurt to hear that! I certainly wasn’t feeling loved.

Have you ever been unfairly judged?

How did it make you feel?

Do you judge people by the color of their skin?

Do you judge people by their religion or beliefs?

If their beliefs are different than yours, what do you think about them?

Are you so vain as to think you’re better than they are?

As you think about that, let me give you some relevant lyrics I wrote for one of my inspirational songs,
‘You Own The Key’

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We are all equal.
We’re the same.
Each of us can claim
our own fame.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wouldn’t our world be a better place if each of us focused on creating our own fame while showing others that we care about them?

Why not start by smiling?

Since discovering how I was judged in my teen years, I’ve learned a lot. I’m always looking for ways to improve myself. For example, smiling always makes me feel better.

And when I smile at strangers I meet along the way, they usually smile back. We all get a treat that way. What a wonderful way to show that you care!

How often do you smile?

Why not smile more often?

Do you smile at people you don’t know without judging them?

When you smile at them, you get to both give and take. It’s a win-win situation.

So be sure to smile without judging…
especially when you see yourself in the mirror.

As you know, it’s unkind and unfair to be judgmental. Be kind and fair to yourself and to others.

Love yourself. You are a gift to the world. Give thanks.

In closing for today I’m wondering…

What are some other inspirational sayings that have affected you? Please share them in the Comments section below.

Till next time…

Wishing you peace, love and happiness,

Joyce Marie
Songwriter and singer

P.S. If you find it difficult to smile often, perhaps you need to upgrade your self-talk.

How can you do that?

Listen to audios with positive affirmations as you sleep and while getting dressed in the morning.

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9 Responses to “How Do Inspirational Sayings Affect You?”

  1. Natalie Says:

    I thought that this was a most beautiful post. I really like the saying, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” –Ghandi

  2. Joyce Says:

    Thank you, Natalie! So glad you liked my post and that you shared Gandhi’s inspirational quote. It’s one of my favorites.

  3. Brian Says:

    Hi Joyce I thought that was beautifully written. I liked and agree with it. My quote is more of a saying and or a code I like to live by,”let go and let God”. God being the universe for some.
    Thank You again for a wonderful post God Bless

  4. Brian Says:

    I also added you to my blog roll. I would love for my readers to come and visit your site.
    .-= Brian´s last blog ..God’s House =-.

  5. Joyce Says:

    Hi Brian, Thank you for you for your kind comment, quote and blessings. I am honored that you have added me to your blogroll on Your articles there are inspiring!

  6. Sara@The Law of Attraction Says:

    I love that Mother Tersea quote thanks for the reminder.

  7. Joyce Says:

    My pleasure, Sara! I’m glad we share the love of Mother Teresa’s quote.

  8. Erin Brady Says:

    Hi Joyce,

    Thanks for your site and for the information. I love inspirational sayings also because most of the time we can relate directly with the message. 🙂
    Erin Brady´s last blog post ..Email Marketing Forum

  9. Joyce Says:

    My pleasure, Erin! Glad to know you love inspirational sayings. Thank you for commenting.

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