What Do Inspiring Quotes Do For You?

Remember in my last post I talked about using mantras to be more confident?

Did you try using mantras yet?

Or how about inspiring quotes?

I’m telling you… they work!

Not just for my friend, but for me, too!

So, here’s my story of how a mantra and an inspiring quote helped me.

Some weeks ago Brian and I attended Pat O’Bryan’s UnSeminar6 in San Antonio, Texas. Although I knew that I was meant to be there, Brian wasn’t sure about attending.

But when our hotel room number corresponded to his birthday, we knew he was supposed to be there.

Do you notice signs like that showing up in your life?

Anyway, during the seminar I got inspired by one of the unscheduled speakers, Martha Giffen, who said how easy it was to get interviews from the speakers.

Sometime later Joe Vitale took the stage and wowed the audience. I’m always amazed at what he continues to accomplish…and… can you believe it?

He was homeless for a number of years!

So, at dinner that night, Brian was wishing he’d asked Joe how he got out of being homeless.

How did Joe go from being homeless, friendless and feeling unloved by everyone, including himself?

My brain started thinking, “I wonder if music or lyrics played a role? Maybe Joe would let me interview him about that and maybe other speakers would, too.”

Would I get up the nerve to ask Joe?

During the nighttime networking, Brian and I chatted with Joe. He was very gracious and genuine.

So I asked my question…And he quickly agreed to let me interview him at a later date!

What a boost that gave me!

So, then it was easy to ask other speakers for an interview. Everyone I asked agreed to let me interview them at a later date.

Since I had never before interviewed anyone except job-seekers, I had a lot of learning to do.

I kept telling myself morning and night, every day, “I am a successful interviewer.

Also, I wrote my own quote to inspire me…and you!

But before I tell you that quote I wrote…

Guess what happened?

After only my second interview ever and after sending a thank you email and a tweet to best seller author, Dr. Ben Mack

Here’s what he tweeted to me (LyricalJoyce) in Twitter:
“…u r a great interviewer”

How good do you think that made me feel?… So good that I couldn’t wait to tell you about it!

And not because I want to brag, but to show you what’s possible for you!

How good would you feel if you got a compliment like that from a brilliant and nice, famous person who is authentic?

Think about that for awhile.

You’d like to be complimented for doing something well, wouldn’t you?

Now it took more than just me telling myself that I am a successful interviewer and writing an inspiring quote.

First, I took actions to get the interviews.  Then I studied how to do interviews.

When I told my mentor, Gina Gaudio-Graves, about the interviews, she connected me with Rick Beneteau, who compiled a masterpiece e-book from interviews he conducted.

For that e-book, Rick interviewed highly successful people, including Joe Vitale. That book is ‘Success: A Spiritual Matter’. Rick graciously gave me a copy so I could study the questions he so thoughtfully and carefully created.

I read that wonderful and inspiring book (You should, too!) while entraining Rick’s interview questions in my mind.

By the way, Rick is Co-founder of 10 Million Clicks For Peace. Learn more about that organization and Rick by clicking on the little yellow tag at the upper right corner of this web page. If you want more peace in the world, you’ll want to join, just as I did.

Before ever imagining I would someday interview anyone, I had repeatedly listened over a period of more than a year to Joe Vitale’s interviews. Those interviews are full of wisdom from Joe’s exceptional guests as well as from Joe for his Hypnotic Gold Club members.

Little did I know then that one day I would listen to those interviews to learn how to be an interviewer.

Now in case you’ve never heard him interviewing, Joe is a master at that, among many other things. He asks such thoughtful questions that get the best answers from those he interviews.

In addition to learning interview tips from Joe and Rick, I took an interviewing course from Heather Vale, a professional interviewer.

Usually in my posts I give you lyrics from a song I wrote. But today I’m giving you the inspiring quote I wrote. Who knows, it may show up as lyrics in a future song I write!

Hmm…I was just thinking… A lyricist is someone who writes words for songs.

What do they call people who write quotes…quotists?

Anyway, I hope you’ll add my new quote to your collection of inspiring quotes:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What one can do,
others can, too.
Why not you?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I followed what successful others did…Will you?

Here’s another quote I just made up:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Model success.
Learn from the best!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What mantras will you tell yourself? (You can get help with mantras from Louise Hay’s book, ‘You Can Heal Your Life’.)

What other action will you take?

Will you add to or start your list of inspiring quotes?

Who do you want to be like?

Read my new quotes again…


If I can achieve what I set out to do,

I believe that you can, too!

Don’t you?

Till next time…

Wishing you peace, joy and love,

Joyce Marie
Songwriter and singer
Founder, LessonsFromLyrics.com

P. S.  “Take action now.
It’s all up to you.
Be remembered for
all the good that you do.”

– Lyrics by Joyce Marie from ‘Uplifted and Inspired’

P. P. S. If you don’t yet have that wonderful book with mantras by Louise Hay titled ‘You Can Heal Your Life’, why don’t you? It’s been helping so many people for years. You could be next!

Click on a link in an image below to order it now!… Because you are an action-taker, aren’t you?

This post and lyrics are copyrighted. You are welcome to link to this post or to give a link to it, but may not use the contents of the post without written permission.

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9 Responses to “What Do Inspiring Quotes Do For You?”

  1. Wenny Yap Says:

    The Law of Attractions works! I believe in it whole-heartedly as it has worked for me over and over again, whether intentionally or unintentional.

    What we need to always stay positive, be confident in what we want to achieve. Quotes and mantras are tools to help stay positive and guide us onto the right path. Ultimately, we’ll achieve our desires.

  2. joyce Says:

    Wenny, thanks for adding your positive and uplifting comments!

  3. marciano Says:

    Wonderful site! We all have our ups and downs, and when I’m down I lift myself up with mantras, a good poem, a biblical verse, and music. I will visit often.

  4. joyce Says:

    Marciano, thank you for your compliment. It really means a lot to me coming from another writer.

    And thank you for sharing your tips on how you stay positive!

  5. Joyce Says:

    I’m so glad you loved the post and that it entertained you. Because of your comments, I read my post again. It brought back good memories. You’ve inspired me to keep writing. Thank you!

  6. Bob Lipply Says:

    Hi Joyce,
    Another inspiring article to touch the lives of readers. I think an inner voice always talks to us which helps us to interpret meanings which comes in quotes or in the acts of the people. Quotes helps us to overcome tough situations, compromise with situations and even become exemplary for difficult people, help them see the goodness in us.

  7. Joyce Says:

    Thank you, Bob! Good comments about how quotes help us.

  8. Steve@Electric Cig Says:

    Quotes uplifts me whenever i’m down. Sometimes, it even gives me answers to my problems. It’s like giving me a positive energy and encourages me to do better.
    Steve@Electric Cig´s last blog post ..Vapor King Electric Cigarette

  9. Joyce Says:

    I like what you wrote about what quotes do for you, Steve. Thanks for sharing!

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