Can Positive Thoughts Be Magical?

Some months ago I noticed a new plant growing beside the cluster of plants by the patio outside of my office.  I loved the leaves of this mystery plant and wondered what kind of plant it was.

Our Goldenrod

Then finally the plant grew golden yellow tops that look sort of like mini Christmas trees flocked in golden yellow. Now I was even more curious to know the identity of this plant.

And believe it or not, just days later, I got my answer. As I was reading the Houston, Texas newspaper, I spotted a picture with a couple of different types of plants.

The picture was in an article about gardening.  Looking at the picture I was drawn to the plant in the background. “That looks like the plant growing by my patio!” I said to myself. I was excited! Underneath the picture the caption told me that the plant in the background was goldenrod.

You may disagree, but

I’d say that my positive thoughts and being curious about that plant’s identity brought me results in just a few days…as if by magic!

Later I started looking in some of our herb books for pictures and information about goldenrod. From what I found, I do believe it’s goldenrod that’s taken up residence in our yard. And I love it! Currently it’s the only plant by my patio that’s blooming, so of course, it’s getting more of my attention than the other plants.

I don’t remember the many uses for goldenrod as an herbal remedy, but I do remember it‘s used for a health challenge that my husband has. But since he’s just started taking Chinese herbs for that, he’ll pass on trying goldenrod as a remedy, at least for now.

Wouldn’t it be interesting, even magical, if goldenrod was part of the Chinese herbal formula he’s taking?

Yesterday I learned that goldenrod is the state flower of Nebraska. So that tells you goldenrod is honored, just as we honor the bluebonnet as our state flower here in Texas. How pretty the beautiful yellow goldenrod blooms would look beside our beloved bluebonnets! I love seeing yellow and blue together.

But bluebonnets grow in the springtime here, and now it’s autumn. So maybe bluebonnets and goldenrod never have the same growing season.

So, let’s get back to the positive thoughts thing. I make a habit of expecting the best and avoiding thoughts that are not so positive.

A few weeks ago as we walked to the park, we encountered a neighbor we know. He mentioned that his wife doesn’t walk in the park because of the mosquitoes.  I couldn’t remember ever seeing or feeling mosquitoes in our park where we often take walks.

But then maybe a couple of days later as we were leaving the park, right across from the house of the neighbor who told us about the mosquitoes, Brian said “Mosquitoes keep biting me!”

Was his mind influenced by what the neighbor told us?

Mosquitoes weren’t bothering me. I didn’t even see any. Nor did I expect to. And I’d say that’s because I do my best to keep my thoughts positive.

How can you have positive thoughts?

Start with these lyrics from my song, ‘You Own the Key’

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Imagine what your life might be
If you arose each day with glee.
You own the key
to live life joyfully.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What would make you arise with glee?

Figure that out and write that down somewhere.  A journal would be an ideal choice. Then visualize what you’ve written about daily, shortly after you arise or while still in bed. The more you think about things that excite you and make you happy, the more positive thoughts you’ll have.

And the more of those you have, the more likely you are to have things magically show up for you!

Try it! You’ll like it!

Attract what you want with your positive thoughts, visualizations, etc. Then you get to experience the magic of the Laws of Attraction in action!

Till next time…

Wishing you peace, love and happiness,

Joyce Marie

P.S. What positive and/or magical experience will you share that relates to this story? Please leave a comment because I’d love to hear from you!



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34 Responses to “Can Positive Thoughts Be Magical?”

  1. Fortunato Says:

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring and great post!
    Fortunato´s last blog post ..Murano Glass by NasonMoretti

  2. shemashem Says:

    I own the key to my destiny, when I think I can , no matter how hard it is, I really can do it. Five months ago, I don’t know anything about computers, even the mere putting it on, I don’t know, when I tried to explore it I don’t know what tab is until my three year old nephew told me to close some tab to open the ohters, just imagine, a 3 year old kid teaching me! my son would sometimes grab my hand, unaware the mouse is already on air LOL, I don’t even know what domain or blogsite is, by constant reminding myself that I can learn computer the results just slowly came in. I believe I own the key to my destiny. Now, five moths after I do video editing and do video SEO. If you believe you can then go for it.
    shemashem´s last blog post ..kiss me at date

  3. Joyce Says:

    My pleasure, Fortunato! Thank you for leaving your comment!

  4. Joyce Says:

    Thanks so much for your inspiring story, Shemashem!

  5. Sharon S. Says:

    I believe that positive thinking is somewhat magical because magic is something you believe in and is a product of what your mind can accomplish. Positive thinking can result to good result that can make every hardship very more easy to comprehend.
    Sharon S.´s last blog post ..Winning Lottery

  6. Joyce Says:

    Thanks for sharing your positive thoughts, Sharon!

  7. Joyce Says:

    Thanks so much for your tips about coping with depression, abegail. Of course, I especially like your tip about music!

  8. RachelAng34 Says:

    “The magic of positive thinking is real. Adopting behaviors like positive self talk and daily positive affirmations can change the brain’s structure and ultimately influence the subconscious mind.” =)
    RachelAng34´s last blog post ..Chamonix

  9. Joyce Says:

    Hi Rachel, Thank you for your positive comment!

  10. Jewel Says:

    what a nice post. Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.
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  11. Nathan Stark Says:

    The post is really inspiring, awesome content, loved it, thanks for sharing, keep up the good work.
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  12. air max 360 Says:

    Chinese herbs ,Yes, many Drugs from china is very useful.

  13. Joyce Says:

    So glad you like my post, Jewel! And I like your comment! Thanks!

  14. Joyce Says:

    Thank you, Nathan! I appreciate you!

  15. Diana Grant Says:

    This is really an inspiring story Joyce.. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. Please keep up on posting like this.
    Diana Grant´s last blog post ..Oxley Bizhub 2

  16. Joyce Says:

    Thank you, Diana!

  17. Stephy Says:

    You know what Joyce? you inspire me with your story here…Thank you for the help!!
    Stephy´s last blog post ..My Arowana Is Not Eating No Matter What I Do !!!

  18. Joyce Says:

    Hi Stephy, I’m happy to know I inspire you! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Lex@Catuaba Says:

    I think positive thoughts are essential! But I also believe that you have to take positive action to make dreams come true. That’s funny about the mosquitos though, I read years ago of someone who was convinced that they could keep them away in the same way.

  20. Joyce Says:

    Hi Lex, I completely agree that you have to take positive action to make dreams come true. Thank you for sharing!

  21. Beverly Says:

    I really like reading your story very inspiring..Thanks a lot for sharing to us…Love it..
    Beverly´s last blog post ..Quickest Way To Get Pregnant

  22. Joyce Says:

    Thank you, Beverly!

  23. Gail035 Says:

    Life is a matter of challenge that we never expect for, All of the sudden we been to the point that you need to give for good but Only one thing can twist this ideas “Positive thought or insight” that will bring to you in the point of success.
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  24. christina075 Says:

    Good vibes, Great faith that’s what I think a great tool to survive and attain all goals.
    christina075´s last blog post ..white card QLD

  25. Joyce Says:

    Thank you for your positive thoughts, Gail!

  26. Joyce Says:

    Hi Christina, Thank you for your positive comment!

  27. Cynthia Says:

    I do in fact believe this. I have changed many aspects of my life with sheer willpower. Negative thoughts are just a roadblock to accomplishing goals.
    Cynthia´s last blog post ..Chamonix France

  28. Joyce Says:

    Thank you for sharing, Cynthia! I agree that negative thoughts are a roadblock.

  29. Jane@Natural Remedies for Depression Says:

    I had a similar experience with mosquitos the other day. I was sitting outside for a few hours without noticing a single mozzie. Then my husband came out – he has been a bit paranoid about mozzies lately. He was worried about them when he came out and he started getting bitten a few minutes later. Usually I’m the one who gets bitten, not him.
    Jane@Natural Remedies for Depression´s last blog post ..Herbs for Focus and Concentration

  30. Joyce Says:

    Hi Jane! Thanks for sharing your similar experience! This is the first time I’ve heard of mozzies.

    I saw on your blog, that you have an acupuncture degree in Australia. My daughter, an acupuncturist, spent part of her college education studying in Brisbane. She informed us of some cool Aussie words that I had not heard before.

  31. Lance Says:

    I do strongly believe in the power of positive thought. Ideas become reality if backed by action. Whatever is created was initially a thought before it became a reality. Nobody can deny this. But, all thoughts are not converted into reality because they are not backed by firm belief. Once you believe in your thought it will become a reality sooner than later. I strongly believe in the statement “Whatever the mind believes it achieves”.
    Lance´s last blog post ..PPI

  32. Joyce Says:

    I agree, Lance! Thanks for sharing your positive thoughts!

  33. Mickey Says:

    think the law of attraction is actually a Biblical principle. The Bible says that “as a man thinketh, so is he”, and “life and death are in the power of the tongue”. In other words what we think and say is directly related to what we get. If we are constantly talking negative, negative things will happen. If we believe good things are going to happen they usually do. I don’t believe in hocus pocus, that simply saying “I am going to have a BMW” means a BMW will show up. Our actions have to line up with what we are believing for and eventually it will materialize.
    Mickey´s last blog post ..Student Insurance Advice

  34. Joyce Says:

    Hi Mickey, I appreciate your comment….very interesting that even the Bible supports laws of attraction. I didn’t know that. And you’ve added your own worthy insights on what we talk about and taking action on what we believe. Thank you!

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