Positive Quotes: Can They Help You?

Just a few weeks ago I joined Twitter.

Now if you don’t know what Twitter is, it’s a website (twitter.com) through which users can send brief messages for free.

Although Twitter was designed so that you could tell your friends and others what you’re doing, Twitter has evolved.

What I like best about it is the positive quotes and messages I receive. Some of them really touch my heart while others inspire me.

I’m wondering…

Have you heard or read anything positive lately?


Are you spending too much time dwelling on bad news?

Let’s see what these positive lyrics I wrote for Guide Me This Day do for you:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I can be like most people,
choosing what’s easy to do.
Or I can conquer challenges
and make my breakthrough.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Are you up to a challenge?

What do you want to conquer?

How will you do that?

From the many positive quotes I’ve read, there’s one I want to leave you with for now. Just got it today on Twitter:

“Mindset Strategy: Be a BLISS MAGNET: by thinking & being POSITIVE: You ATTRACT all the RICHES in the world.”  – from http://twitter.com/IngridElfver

Need I say more? I think not.

You have the questions. Now spend some time answering them.

Till next time…

Wishing you peace, joy and love,

Joyce Marie
Songwriter and singer
Founder, LessonsFromLyrics.com

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13 Responses to “Positive Quotes: Can They Help You?”

  1. Natalie Says:

    I really like the ‘click for peace’ tag! Nice addition!

  2. joyce Says:

    Thank you, Natalie!

  3. lowellpendon Says:

    I just love reading your article. you have lots of good materials here worth reading. And I too notice that nice little tag “Click for Peace”, very nice campaign for the site.

  4. joyce Says:

    Thank you for your compliments, Lowell! Have you clicked for peace yet?

  5. rad Says:

    I thinked, many things u have writen in ur blog came from the bottom of ur heart. I like it very much

  6. carol wieczorek Says:

    live today as ur last day, don;t worry about tomorrow, and leave the past behind you. Carol

  7. joyce Says:

    Thank you, Rad, Your comment touches my heart.

  8. joyce Says:

    Carol, that’s good advice! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Jerry Clifford@Minneapolis MLS Says:

    Nice post, Positive quotes have really helped me growing up & having success. I remember my teenage days when i used to read Chicken Soup for teenage souls & i wrote down all the Positive quotes in my diary & it’s still with me, Whenever i feel blue or stress, I read all those quotes & it really works for me. Oh yeah & some times some good lyrics are also helpful for me, Because i love listening songs.

  10. joyce Says:

    Thank you, Jerry! Glad to hear how positive quotes have helped you…very encouraging for others!

  11. Kyle Says:

    Any1 tried this method yet?

  12. Bob Lipply@tampa homes Says:

    Sometimes, we really need to take time reading messages or quotes that are deeply inspiring and touching to make our exhausted and stressed selves at ease. But sometimes we ask where we could get those from, as stated above twitter.com is one website that gives free quotes and messages.

  13. Joyce Says:

    Thanks, Bob. You made some good points.

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