What Price Are You Paying For Your Lack of Self Empowerment?

Remember when I was telling you about “Blackie”, the diva cat?

Well, I have another story about Blackie….

about her self empowerment.

Now, Blackie is not a big cat. She probably weighed no more than ten pounds back then.

In the house where she was living there also lived a big black dog named Jake. I’m guessing he was probably 6 times the size of Blackie.

Yet when big Jake provoked her,

Blackie stood up on her hind legs, just as if she was a big black bear, and she swatted at Jake with her paws! Blackie empowered herself and defeated big Jake!

If Blackie could do that, what might you be capable of?

How can you accomplish self empowerment?

And why should you?

What opportunities have you missed out on?

And what price did you pay for those missed chances?

Getting Help

Through the years, I’ve had a lot of teachers to help me achieve more success in my career. Today I’ll focus on one of them, Jan Stringer, of PerfectCustomers.com.

Back in early 2005 I was in her group tele – camp program, Attraction In Action. The course involved self growth using the laws of attraction…making yourself more attractive to potential business clients or customers.

Jan taught us how to empower ourselves.

Not only did I learn to empower myself, but I was inspired to write a song, ‘Empowered by My Wild Card’.

Thank you, Jan, for not only helping me empower myself, but also for the song inspiration.

Now what was the value of that course?

Would you be more attracted to someone who exhibited some sort of power or to someone who was timid and weak?

You want people who are important to you to be attracted to you, don’t you?

Empower yourself!

Learn from these lyrics of my song, ‘Empowered by My Wild Card’:

Sometimes life
just seems way too hard.
At those times
I use my wild card.

I am wise.
I learn from each day.
I am strong,
for you show me the way
to my inner power,
lying deep within me.
You bring it out
in times of need.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To further your empowerment and self development education, click here: Manifest Your Power.

As I write this, it is free, but may not be for long. So, don’t delay!

Stop procrastinating!

Till next time…

Wishing you peace, joy and love,

Joyce Marie
Founder, LessonsFromLyrics.com

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8 Responses to “What Price Are You Paying For Your Lack of Self Empowerment?”

  1. Matt@Tees For All Says:

    Nice post, this really helps me through the hard times. thanks.

  2. Natalie Says:

    I like this post. It reminds me of my cat scooby! She always empowers herself when needed.

  3. joyce Says:

    Thanks, Matt! I’m happy to know it helped you.

    Joyce Marie

  4. joyce Says:

    Thanks, Natalie! Remember to learn how to empower yourself as you observe Scooby.

  5. dkny watches Says:

    Can you provide more information on this?

  6. Vtech Educational Toys Says:

    This is what I’ve been searching for. I’ve been looking for this throughout the web however they are not as detailed as this. 😀 What else do you play with?

  7. Bob Lipply@tampa homes Says:

    There are instances in our lives that people around us tend to underestimate our capabilities and look down upon us in any way they want. We cannot blame these people sometimes for it is actually us who are giving them the reason to do it. So, now that we have read this post we must start thinking about how we could empower ourselves so occurrence like these one will never ever happen again next time.

  8. Joyce Says:

    That’s right, Bob. Thanks for adding your thoughts.

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