Need Help for Your Money Problems?

We’re living in a time when money problems  are affecting almost everyone. Whether it’s our own lack of money or that of our government, we have to deal with this.Money Problems

Are you allowing money problems to control your life?

What could you do instead?

Here are words of wisdom for you:

“Be thankful for what you have. You’ll end up having more. Focus on what you don’t have and you’ll never, ever have enough.” Oprah Winfrey

Why not replace your bad habits for some better ones?

I guess it was a few months ago when I first started a habit that I recommend for you.  What I now do almost daily when I turn on my computer is to go to     

On the Click to Give page of that website, I click to give free food which is paid for by sponsors of that website. This is such an easy way for me to help others who really need it. When you buy products from the links on The Hunger Site, you can help people who most likely have money problems far greater than yours. 

Be sure to save in your favorite websites so you can click to give free food daily.

5 More Good Habits for You to Start Today…

  • Smile as much as you can. Check out your smile as you look into a mirror. Try smiling often and see what happens. Let me know, okay?
  • Stand tall and walk tall with head held high, shoulders back, chest out and tummy tucked.
  • Say affirmations out loud in front of a mirror. Instead of saying something like “I’m so irresponsible with money”, instead say “I am becoming more responsible with money.” That can be a good affirmation for you to say morning and evening.
  • Write a list of what you plan to accomplish each day.
  • Instead of worrying, why not expect the best?

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“Uplifted and inspired       
Attracting to yourself
whatever you’ve desired
When you’re uplifted and inspired
You’re on your way to growing every higher”

       ~ Lyrics from my song ‘Uplifted and Inspired’

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

What I’ve given you here are just some simple things you can do easily. But you probably need more help for your money problems.

Maybe you need more belief and scientific proof. For me The Belief Secret has been very helpful. I especially liked the chapter on The Mirror Technique for Releasing the Subconscious. Perhaps it will help you, too.

Till next time…

Wishing you peace, love and happiness,

Joyce Marie

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47 Responses to “Need Help for Your Money Problems?”

  1. TarunKumar@MotivationalBlog Says:

    I want to learn money nature any how !!

  2. Jonathan Dylan@promotional products Says:

    After reading this article I decided to try smiling. I smiled intentionally and without any logical reason. I kept smiling while getting ready for office and on the way as well. Then I guess I forgot and found myself naturally very happy, light and active. It was for the first time that no issue bothered me and found myself very beautiful. It might sound silly but I actually loved myself in the mirror and began appreciating my beauty! I don’t know how a simple smile faded away my financial and other problems. I began loving me. Thank you so much.

  3. Joyce Says:

    Smiling is so powerful! Thank you for sharing your smiling experience, Jonathan. Your results truly inspire me to keep writing.

  4. Evan@promotional products Says:

    Smiling helps? Is it true? I have seen many people who smile all day and I wonder if something is wrong with them. I mean, how anybody can be happy entire day. Now reading about all this here I feel that smile is a broom that thrashes away any negative thing that comes in front. It’s easy actually. This reminds me of my girlfriend who often says, “Smile at least”. Is there any scientific reason behind this smile therapy?

  5. Joyce Says:

    Hi Evan, Thank you for your questions about smiling. I don’t know if there’s any scientific reason, but I love the results I get when I smile. Maybe it stimulates endorphins?

  6. Carlos@Car Loan Says:

    I have tried smiling and I know what great the results are. I suggest that everybody should try this, each day and life would be beautiful. Taking deep breaths also help a lot. Many Indians try this traditional technique and when I attempted then could feel the difference. Well Evan, smiling does help. I don’t know the scientific reason, but maybe it has a psychological effect.

  7. Gareth Brown@internet Says:

    Smiling is a hidden means of holistic healing and increases your attention and efficiency. Research shows that people who give s genuine smile are more trustworthy. When you give a smile to someone, you may get a smile back and this creates a positive atmosphere in which you grow and reach a plane of emotional happiness. Thus, do smile and kick off unpleasant emotions.

  8. Joyce Says:

    Thanks Carlos! Keep smiling! 🙂

  9. Joyce Says:

    I love what you wrote about smiling, Gareth! Thanks! 🙂

  10. John Dias@watch sports online Says:

    My personal experience says that smiling is perhaps the easiest thing one can do relieve stress and other unpleasant emotions. It may begin from the exterior, but soon it penetrates inside and make you happy and in a much better mental state. Also, it attracts happiness to you and life becomes beautiful. I make sure to smile and find reasons and occasions to do so. It keeps me stable and happy.

  11. Joyce Says:

    Hi John, thanks for sharing your experiences with smiling! 🙂

  12. Dean Werchon@Werchy's Movers Says:

    The post and comments remind me of one thing. We had a girl in our class in school, who would always smile. Now I understand why we all wanted to sit next to her, have our lunch together and simply look at her. Everybody adored her and later she got married to a man anybody would have longed for like crazy! She smiled, be happy and attracted all the good things in life. Wish I had understood and applied it then. But I am happy to know now, and would Smile J

  13. Joyce Says:

    It’s never too late to learn, is it Dean? Thanks for commenting and smiling! 🙂

  14. Luke@malibu ballast Says:

    Are you sure smiling helps to that extent? Had this been the case then everybody would join laughter clubs and be happy all their lives and attract all the good and desirable things! Let us be practical. It may help you feel good for a while, but when you recall your problems then all smiles would fade away! it is not some magic trick!

  15. Joyce Says:

    Thank you for your comment, Luke. I’m wondering how often you smile. I get the impression from what you wrote that you spend more time focusing on your problems. When you do that, you’re attracting more of those problems. Why allow your smiles to fade away?

    Have you asked questions of yourself and your source about how you can overcome those problems? Questions are very powerful…and so are smiles! It’s important to practice them frequently and consistently. You get to choose whether you want to smile or frown, don’t you? Ask yourself questions that empower you!

  16. Bijo@arizona pest control Says:

    During my school days my class teacher always used to tell us that “Failure is the Stepping stone to success”. It’s good that we commit mistakes because it’s then that we start learning from those mistakes. It’s indeed a very good story to get a kick start. Your dad is become my inspiration now. I am thankful to you for uploading such a great story on your blog.

  17. Michael Szummer@Highlighters Says:

    “I being a matured man still have some kiddish habits. I keep a small sum of money every day in my son’s piggy bank. He has a small one but I ensure that I add some money to it daily. This results into savings. I am happy for even a small amount being saved. I don’t worry about my future till the time I am happy for my present. Future is unpredictable and so I try to be happy and satisfied in my presence. Yes I do save for future but I don’t hamper my presence just to have a good future.

  18. Emily@boxes melbourne Says:

    I am happy with what I am today. I am not doing that great that I can save a lot for my future but at least I ensure that I whatever I earn should be purely earned from my hard work and efforts. I don’t like cheating others and making money out of it. At least I can convey my message and make my children learn something out of it. Even if I am not doing well in terms of saving money for my future, at least I am able to satisfy my family’s current needs. God is watching me and I know he will surely help me some day.

  19. Joyce Says:

    How fortunate you were to have such a wise teacher. Thanks for sharing this.

  20. Joyce Says:

    Really good advice, Michael! Thanks for sharing.

  21. Kevin Royster@Business Cash Says:

    It is very important to plan your financial future accordingly. Saving is key as well as building good credit along the way. If cash is king well I guess credit is prince because it is tough to navigate through life without it.

  22. Jack@seo lytham  Says:

    There is a person working in my office who is elder to me and is married. He earns well enough in terms of satisfying his family needs. But when it comes to savings his bank balance comes to nil at the end of every month. I am pretty sure that he must be worried about his family and his career as well but he never discloses it on his face. In fact he always keeps smiling at everyone and is a very kind hearted person. God bless him with a bright future ahead.

  23. Linda@nba playoffs live Says:

    Money does not make God. God makes money and he is the sole provider to all of us. Even if I don’t have anything in my savings account for one month I say that God wanted me to spend everything that I had in my savings because he wanted me to live a luxurious life this month. I should not worry, only work hard so that he gives me more money to spend and make me enjoy this month comparatively better. And when I work hard I know that he will give a reward at the end of the month.

  24. Bianca@Signal repeaters Says:

    Money can never buy us happiness. All of us think that money can let us live a happy and healthy life. To some extent I agree, it’s true. But at the end of the day money even creates problems in life. We all crave for money. Those who always help others are blessed by God and they never face any issue in monetary terms but those who crib for money will always keep cribbing as God will not bless them with happiness. Financially, yes they will be satisfied but the inner happiness comes from love not money. So always love God and not money.

  25. Joyce Says:

    Thank you for your comment, Bianca. I agree that money can’t buy happiness. But the more money you have, the more people you can help. And helping people brings happiness. 🙂

  26. John@ski resort japan Says:

    I have seen people who have been through many ups and downs in life, but still manage to smile. I don’t know if I would be able to manage if I had been in their place. I guess money is important but not more than any relationship. Also as Joyce said one should be happy with what one has and cut clothes according to one’s cloth. Greediness may result in one’s own loss.

  27. Joyce Says:

    Thank you for commenting, John.

  28. Domenic De Giorgio@milwaukee quebec Says:

    There are some who think that money will make them live a happy life. They find several ways of making money. In case of poor people it’s understood as they do not have money even to buy a house for themselves, but in case of those who already have good amount of money should not greed for it as greediness will not let them have peace of mind and happiness in life.

  29. Joyce Says:

    Thanks for your comment, Domenic. Greed is definitely not a good thing.

  30. Jody@windows & doors calgary Says:

    It all actually depends on your luck. Everything is in God’s hands. He has decided upon your destiny from birth itself. If you go through tough times even after a lot of hard work, think that God is testing your patience. Trust in him will bring peace to your mind. God does not punish his children he only teaches them a lesson. So assume that he is teaching you for you must have done something wrong in your past.
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  31. Joyce Says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jody.

  32. Jordan Xiong@wholesale shoes Says:

    Jody you are absolutely right buddy! Money is the root cause of most of the problems coming our way. At times we even fight with our loved ones because of the same silly reason. High time now! We need to stop the craving now. Come on! We are matured enough to understand our priorities in life. It completely depends on us whether we want to crib for money or live a happy life by maintaining good relationships.

  33. Jack@it provider Says:

    Always remember when money can get you all the luxuries in the world, it can also teach you a lesson at the same time if you do not make a proper and a sincere use of it. Never run behind money as you will get only whatever is there your way. Cheating others will only lead you towards problems and one day you will only be a failure if you do not change your thinking and stop running behind money.

  34. Joyce Says:

    Hi Jordan, Thanks for your comment. I believe it’s the love of money, not money itself, that causes problems. And love of money could also be labeled as craving, as you have done.

  35. Joyce Says:

    I agree, Jack, that you should use money in a proper and sincere way. Thanks for commenting.

  36. David@mobile pizza Says:

    For those who want to earn money should work hard. Big businessmen and women have climbed the ladder of success with sincere hard work and dedication. Multiplying money by investing in some bonds or mutual funds will also help to some extent. It’s just a way of earning small returns by investing your money with your bank. Also there are some chit funds schemes in the bank which lets you save and get money at one shot.

  37. Alex@Security guard training Says:

    Sorry! But I don’t agree. There are some people who only because of their hunger for money have grown so high in their life. At times even greed for money is important as it helps us in rising and also raising our standard of living. Everybody wants to live a luxurious life. Some of them work and do overtime just to earn the extra penny so that they can save and buy luxuries for themselves.

  38. Joyce Says:

    Hi David, Thank you for your comment. I agree that it’s important to multiply money by investing. The smarter you are about money, the less you should have to work. But most people will need to start earning more money by working hard. Later they can reap rewards of passive income by working smarter.

  39. Joyce Says:

    Thanks for sharing your opinion, Alex. I believe that those who are greedy for money are missing out on being happy. Money does not buy happiness.

    You can become wealthy without being greedy, by instead focusing on solving people’s problems. Sell them solutions that truly solve their problems.

    Helping others is so rewarding, and it creates happiness. That’s what I call a win-win situation!

  40. Alex@Security guard training Says:

    When I started working I was a hungry bird. Only for money I used to work hard and also at times I have even did over time so that I get paid more than what I usually get. Reading the comments mentioned above have made me feel guilty. I have understood the importance of relationships and feelings and also that life is more important than money. So take care of your life and do good to others and money will automatically follow.

  41. David@sale used trucks Says:

    Always be happy and satisfied with the work you do. This does not mean that you stop putting in more efforts to rise high in life. You cannot achieve success without working hard. Work hard and focus on how to get your work done fast but with sincere efforts. I am sure you will achieve all what you want. Wish you good luck.

  42. Joyce Says:

    Hi Alex. thanks for sharing your insights.

  43. Joyce Says:

    Nice comment, David! Thanks!

  44. Steve Says:

    Thank you for your positive upbeat post. I have had a lot of trouble with money and all the trouble comes from my own thinking surrounding money. As they say “change your thinking, change your life.

    best wishes
    Steve´s last blog post ..preparing for an emergency situation

  45. Joyce Says:

    My pleasure, Steve! Keep focusing on the good things you can do with money.

  46. Solomon@I Am Love Says:

    I really like the quote by Oprah! I guess for some unfathomable reasons I sense there is a fear to initiate a smile in public. I noticed if I was smiling with someone I knew then walked away still smiling, I can “see” a lot of strangers who passed by immediately picked up my smile as if I were smiling with them. Wow! Smiling is extremly contagious but in a good way. Maybe that’s a cure for our economic times? 😉

  47. Joyce Says:

    Hi Solomon! Smiling helps you to be positive and have good thoughts. And the more of those you have, the more you attract good things. So, yes, I believe smiling can help cure our money problems. Thank you for commenting.

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