Peace, Love and Happiness: Will You Allow Nature to Help You Achieve This?

If you’re looking for more peace, love and happiness in your life, this inspirational story can help you.

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One Sunday morning I arose earlier than usual at about 6:00 a.m. because we were going to Austin for the day. Just as I usually did shortly after arising in the morning, I entered the dark hallway and walked past the atrium without turning on the light.

Then I noticed that my right sandal had begun sticking to the wooden floor, as if I had stepped in water. “Did it rain last night and cause flooding from the atrium?” I thought.

It was much too dark to tell, so I flipped the switch to turn on the hall lights. And to my dismay, I discovered that I had stepped on one of our beloved magical friends, a slug.

Now why would I call a slug a magical friend?

Well, that’s explained in my previous inspirational stories about the snails without shells. (Here’s one of those stories:  Can You Guess Who Approved of My Inspirational Story?)

Even though Brian and I had agreed to leave at a specified time so that we would arrive in Austin well before noon, I proceeded to clean the slime from my sandal. That took quite a while… The slime did not want to leave my sandal!

Then I wondered what to do with the squashed slug. .. “Should I wait until Brian gets out of bed and let him take care of it?” Husbands come in really handy for occasions like this, when you’re a damsel in distress! They get to rescue you!

No. Scratch that thought. This was for me to do, not Brian. With a little searching I found two plastic cards to scrape the slug from the floor. Then I placed the slug on the ground in the atrium and covered it with mulch and a leaf. Later I added flower petals.

That afternoon while in Austin visiting family and a friend, Melba, we drew angel cards by Doreen Virtue. I drew the Nature card. According to this card, I needed to spend at least five minutes every day in nature.

Then Melba, an amazing artist who paints huge roses (, told me that recently she had played my video with inspirational song lyrics ( over and over while painting. She said that during that time one of my lyrical quotes from that video had been stuck in her mind… something about nature, maybe a flower.

So after that I kept thinking back through my songs. Which song has those lyrics?

Hours later I remembered. That song is ‘Arise With Peace.’ And here are some of the lyrics:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You’re the creator
of your own power.
Let your love grow,
like a blooming flower.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now what does that verse have to do with my magical slug friends?

Was the slug I stepped on a test for me, to see how I would treat him?

After seeing that I had accidentally squashed the slug, I gave it a proper burial. The next morning when I saw the sparkly trails left by slugs on and around the grave, I felt happy. That prompted me to begin writing this story. And begin it, I did.

On some of the following days after adding even more flower petals to the grave, I would find, on the succeeding mornings, that even more glistening gifts had been added on top of the petals. I’m thinking the slugs left their gifts because they appreciated me for writing this story about them! They were happy that I’m getting you on board to respect slugs and possibly other not so lovable creatures of nature.

How much love and respect do you have for life… for your life and also the lives of others?

Do you appreciate nature?

How do you show that?

In what ways could you show your appreciation for nature?

Will you allow nature to help you achieve more peace, love and happiness?


In closing this inspirational story I want to tell you that even though our atrium was visited by slugs, the plants in our atrium were looking good…and they still do! I showed respect for the dead slug and was rewarded.  The slugs painted their sparkly trails not only on the slug gravesite, but also in only one other special area of the atrium. I’ll tell you why that area is so special in another story.

Till next time… Ommmmmmmmmmmm…

Wishing you peace, love and happiness,

Joyce Marie

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48 Responses to “Peace, Love and Happiness: Will You Allow Nature to Help You Achieve This?”

  1. Lester Says:

    Very Nice topic, Happiness is our highest well-being.It is peace and gentleness and lightheartedness. It is being thankful for all the little special things which happen around us and to us every day. To be happy is to be able to get a perspective when things look dark and you start to lose hope. Happiness is looking for the gifts, which are always there, even when they seem hidden.

  2. Gabriella@tiles vinyl Says:

    Joyce, I am a diehard reader of your inspirational blogs. I am amazed to see that you often come out with such exceptional lyrics by which I am astounded. I really love the part especially of slimy snail without shells, whereby they portray so much sheer love & passionate for their work. Love is all about care, caring & overall trust in one’s being!!! “You’re the creator of your own power. Just love these lines!!!
    Gabriella@tiles vinyl´s last blog post ..London Flooring contractors- National floor and carpet fitters- Andover

  3. Lindsay Says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. The atrium is very special for you even there is a slug in there. I really love nature and I also love what natures have. There are some things that I hate but I did not harm it because im afraid to hurt them. Like what you did, it really inspire me. Thank you so much!

  4. Joyce Says:

    Very insightful comments about happiness, Lester! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Joyce Says:

    Hi Gabriella! Thank you so much for your kind words!

  6. Joyce Says:

    I’m so glad you agree with me, Lindsay! Thank you for commenting.

  7. Valeria@storage Laval Says:

    You’re the creator
    of your own power.
    Let your love grow,
    like a blooming flower.
    These simple but effective lines are the ones which has terrific impact over every individual who is very sensitive towards peace & love. Happiness automatically arrives when peace & love go hand in hand!! If you are happy, you can spread love & peace from heart to heart & from corner to corner. Let’s appreciate nature by spreading love, happiness as these are the biggest assets of our life & we are rich too with these aspects!!

  8. Brooke Amelia@yoga Says:

    Very nicely portrayed in short & sweet words!!! I must say Joyce you are doing a really good job when it comes to spreading not only inspiration but also happiness. I loved these lines, “Let your love grow, like a blooming flower.” These simple, but power pack impacting lines is just the best part. I am happy that humanism still holds up an upper position over others!!! Thanks!!!

  9. Joyce Says:

    Valeria, thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  10. Joyce Says:

    Thank you for the compliments and comments, Brooke!

  11. Kristine Kate Says:

    Very nice article!! LIKE 😀 — @PEACE> describes a society or a relationship that is operating harmoniously and without violent conflict. Peace is commonly understood as the absence of hostility, or the existence of healthy –@LOVE> is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment –@HAPPINESS> is a mental state of well-being characterized by positive emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. I agree with this article 🙂
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  12. Raymond@free advertising Says:

    Joyce, you are one of the best motivator I have ever come across. I now rate you after Steve Jobs & Oprah Winfrey who are my best motivators & inspirations too. You are progressively increasing your quality towards writing. Moreover, your wisdom towards particular topics esp. last one of Nick Djokovic stunned me to see such a person born abnormally still possesses enormous capabilities & his winning attitude is a must learning process for normal people like us!! Cheers Joyce!!!
    Raymond@free advertising´s last blog post ..Dec 7 2009- Added a new MLM article

  13. Joyce Says:

    Hi Raymond, I’m blown away by your compliments! Thank you so much! I appreciate you!

  14. Joyce Says:

    Thanks for your comment, Kristine!

  15. Rachel@organo gold Says:

    Joyce, I must admit that you are progressing daily with some good articles. I was deeply pained to see when people like Nick Djokovic can spread & share his happiness that is totally born without limbs who is very encouraging to people who are just in fine state & still they cry for things which aren’t necessary for them!! Corruption & greed is taking its toll to new heights. People have forgotten love, happiness & care just by running behind money & money like misers. They claim that we are superior just because we are loaded with money. But let me remind you friend, money can buy you luxurious materials, but love & happiness is priceless!! Right, Joyce??

  16. Joyce Says:

    Hi Rachel, I agree that love and happiness are priceless. I also believe it’s wonderful to have an abundance of money so that you can help many people who are less fortunate. When you give lovingly, you’ll find that the good feelings you receive are even more valuable than what you gave.

  17. Joey@sell gold new york Says:

    Joyce, simply unbelievable stuff!! I would like to share this in link with Nick’s article posted by you!!! I know one of my friends who are defectively born without hands & has some hearing aids too… I sometimes feel so deeply pained & my eye becomes watery in pain, I feel like hugging this great person Nick which reminds my friend too… He is such a sweet hearten person, always joyous, never thinks pessimistic, but he still is up to the limits & faces life boldly!! He always says that” I raise myself”!!! I was astounded to see such thoughts when someone who is handicapped, & then I look upon myself to see that I am so happy & fortunate that that perceive everything, but Nick’s video reminded me that person is not judged by his limbs/ hands, but my his wholeheartedness!!! I am speechless!!!

  18. Sean Parker@grommets Says:

    “You’re the creator, of your own power.” These simple lines are power packages which can certainly drive anyone who is very weak in his life!!! I feel every individual should understand their life that it tends to be simple, but pal it is filled with surprises!! Failures are the stepping stone to success!!! I feel everyone should progress ahead with sheer confidence which should possess your caliber, your strengths, your dedication towards work & overall that feeling of completing the work in lesser amount of time!!!

  19. Kate Lesing@Acapella download Says:

    Joyce, wow you are a real preacher to this world!! I feel to worship you at every point as you lay us with some of the most excruciating lesson lyrics which I think no bloggers takes those enormous effects indeed!! I think we all should also follow such kind of love, harmony, peace & lastly affection to maybe even the smallest person on this Earth!! I am so glad that your words are just so inspiring to see that every person would shred out tears esp. me as I have some special moments with love & happiness!! Just one last word of advice to the world!! Let Peace Prevail!!!

  20. Arianna@food intolerance Says:

    I am so glad to see that you are doing such a good amount of job for people who are literally lost with their confidence levels, their thinking power. I also feel that people should be encouraged to allow them read such inspirational blogs which are of utmost importance to them as it will turn their tables around!!! 🙂 Thanks Joyce for your superb writing!!!

  21. simon@Web design preston Says:

    Once we live without hunger, without loneliness and with bright mind; those kinds of minds exist, that is happiness. In order to live without hunger, loneliness and darkness, we ourselves should make those conditions.
    Then, how those conditions can be made?

  22. khareen Says:

    @Valeria from storage Laval

    I do like that too…
    I do feel it’s impact when I read it again and again, it has a deep meaning and it’s very inspiring.
    How I wish I all people will like this because it’s saying that you should be close to nature to achieve the happiness, love, peace in life and teaches us how we should conquer those hinders in life..

  23. marj Says:

    You have a very inspirational story thanks for sharing this with us. I also love nature as much as you do,sometimes there is a part of nature that i hate about but i’ll just keep on step away on that nature instead of hurting it. I am hoping that other people will be also learn how to love the nature. I really like your blog Joyce,your story enlighten me so much. We can just achieve the happiness if we learn how to love our nature like how we used to love our self.

  24. Valeria@self storage Toronto Says:

    Joyce, also I would love to add that, your words are just so motivational & inspiring that when I asked my brother to refer your blog, his eyes were in water!! I am so flabbergasted to see that, he is just recovering from his depression lag phase, & trying to enter into some energetic world, established all his old contacts & overall now he is again back to happy life with his son Edwin too!! I would love to wish him a very good luck!! Daniel would be very pleased by your words & also he will be rejuvenated!! Thanks a lot for your kind words!!!

  25. Luke Audrey@corporate gifts Says:

    “Let your love grow, like a blooming flower.” Joyce, these simple but power pack lines are so energetic & also makes us feels so fresh!! Simply magnetic!! You have just expressed it via so much feelings & attachment to everyone of us that we are oblige to you that you made us all feel special & also very close to every human who is just fighting for some small reasons which is destroying harmony, peace & love within every individual!!! Also, I am very happy for you that you are one of them who think more for people rather for yourself!!! Thanks!!!
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  26. ukeyintx1 Says:

    Hi Joyce,
    Your post’s get better and better.
    We should love every thing that God
    created.This post was a good example
    These are all gifts given to us
    by God to Love and Appreciate even
    one slug. When we love all that is good
    God will shower us abundantly with many more gifts
    All you do is Love non stop.

    Your dear friend

  27. Jacob@Medical Health Plans Says:

    I am so delighted to see that people learn from small-small things and take them as messengers of great lessons. I too go into the depth of incidences that may appear trivial to people. Life really ahs so much to teach! Nice to be a student at any age! We are the creators of our powers, so create the power to forgive, power to withdraw, power to spread hope and the power of peace.

  28. Joyce Says:

    Well said, Jacob! Thank you for your worthy message.

  29. Bob Lipply@clearwater homes Says:

    Hey Joyce,
    Your writing express how wise you are from the inside. In order to read a message one has to be a very keen observer and try to crack that code which has the message. We daily come across some kind of incidents but we shrug it off, if not, we miss on pondering over it. I’ve read a couple of your other articles and your writing enrich the lives of other people, keep up the good work!

  30. Joyce Says:

    Thank you for your comments and compliments, Bob! I appreciate you.

  31. Alan Colley@transactional print Says:

    There are some people in life who feel that they can achieve all what that they want only if they have a lot of money. They feel that money can even buy them happiness, peace. But no I will never agree on this. Because happiness comes when you have inner peace and when you are satisfied with what ever you do. You feel all the more happy when you help others in their difficult times. If you still don’t agree then visit an orphanage you will realize the presence of happiness all around.

  32. Joyce Says:

    Yes, Alan, I agree that inner peace is the key to happiness. Thanks for your great advice!

  33. Anna Head@jewellery Says:

    Hey Joyce,
    I loved the image a lot that you have put on the blog…peace love happiness…. these are inter related and so no one get one at a time… in modern term its a package…

  34. Joyce Says:

    Hi Anna! So glad you loved the peace love happiness image…yes, they are inter related.

  35. Neil@std testing Says:

    Hi Joyce,
    I have a practical question .. which i want to ask you…. Do love really give peace??? Because i have never got peace in love, it has become more mind cracking for me..

  36. Joyce Says:

    Thanks for asking, Neil. I’m wondering if you love yourself. Without self love I believe you will not have peace.

  37. samie Says:

    Love give you anything in this life … Love it’s the only thing in this world that deserve everything .
    nice blog 🙂

  38. Steve@Electric Cig Says:

    Joyce, you a really are a nature lover, aren’t you? I’m not really into nature but i’m very much inspired with your story. Sometimes, we really have to do things with our own. It’s how we grow and one way to become independent.
    Steve@Electric Cig´s last blog post ..Vapor King Electric Cigarette

  39. Joyce Says:

    Yes, Steve, I’m a nature lover. I’m glad you were inspired with my story. Perhaps it will inspire you to get more into nature?

  40. Corey Schipper Says:

    My neighbor and I have been simply debating this specific subject, he’s often in search of to show me incorrect. Your view on this is great and exactly how I really feel. I simply now mailed him this website online to point out him your individual view. After looking over your web site I ebook marked and will be coming back to learn your new posts!

  41. Joyce Says:

    Thank you, Corey!

  42. Lola@physical yoga benefits Says:

    Greetings! I’ve been following your website for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Humble Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the great job!

  43. Joyce Says:

    Hi Lola! Congratulations on getting up your courage and taking action!
    Thanks so much for your comment. It’s wonderful to know I have followers in the Houston area.

  44. Tiffani Says:

    At first when reading this article, I didn’t understand it, but reading it a second time, I got the deeper meaning- appreciating everything in life, including nature, and the small things that comes from it life in general. It would be easy to dismiss stepping on a slug as an accidental and annoying thing that occurred first thing in the morning, but we are seeing the deeper meaning and trying to connect with ourselves, the good we did (proper burial), and going forward. I like that concept, as almost everyone would have killed the thing, griped about the mess, and had their day dampered. Or maybe that’s just me! But thanks for the story, appreciate the deeper message.

  45. Joyce Says:

    Thanks so much for your insigts, Tiffani!

  46. Ukrainian orphanages Says:

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    […]Motivational Stories | Inspirational Stories | Lessons From Lyrics » Blog Archive » Peace, Love and Happiness: Will You Allow Nature to Help You Achieve This?[…]…

  47. Jared@ Says:

    Highly energetic post, I enjoyed that a lot. Will there
    be a part 2?
    Jared@´s last blog post ..

  48. Joyce Says:

    Thank you, Jared, for your kind comments. And thanks for reminding me to write about why our atrium is so special. It’s a beautiful story…

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