How’s Your Luck in Getting Unstuck?

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If you’re anything like me, you get faced with challenges at the most inconvenient times.

Back in January 2005 I was attending a real estate investment seminar at a Hilton hotel in Arlington, Texas.  On the second night I went to dinner across the street with my husband and 2 nice men from Japan, Nobuji Kanai and Shinya Moriuchi, whom we’d just met at the seminar.

After enjoying delicious Chinese food and good conversation, the 4 of us crossed the street and approached the hotel, still enjoying our time together.

The next thing I knew, my left shoulder was in terrible pain…

and I saw the shoulder straps of my purse being pulled down my arm as I was dragged to the ground.

Can you believe it?…I was mugged in front of a nice hotel while walking with 3 men!

After being carried into the hotel lobby by an angel of a man who also ran after my attacker, I received a healing treatment from a compassionate woman.

Then I was taken by ambulance to an emergency room where I got X-rayed… diagnosis: broken bone in my upper left arm and an unknown injury to my right knee.

The injuries caused me to miss the last day of the seminar. Oh, what timing….such bad luck! The good thing is that I’m right-handed. It was my left hand that was in a sling.

The timing was also inconvenient because in just a few days I was scheduled to fly to Orlando, Florida, to attend a 3-day event to help you discover your purpose in life. I wasn’t sure how I’d manage the flight since I couldn’t bend my knee much.

Not wanting to miss the seminar I chose to overcome the challenges of a broken arm and using crutches to walk.  And I’m so glad I did!

Little did I know that my life would take a new direction at that seminar in Orlando.

On the last day or so of the course, we were told to get into groups of 3 and write a song in 8 minutes about our experiences at this event. The song was to include verses and a chorus, and we were told to sing our song to our group members.

So I wrote a chorus and a few verses challenging you to make a difference in the world .  Then I sang it to the 2 other members of my group. Since one of them was my husband, of course I got a good review!

And… guess what? I also got good reviews from 2 life coaches standing beside us. My group and the life coaches encouraged me to be one of the volunteers to sing my song onstage.

You know, deep down inside I really wanted to do it, but that was way out of my comfort zone. I grew up very shy and was gradually emerging out of my shell….

Then there were the additional excuses. My arm was in a sling, and I had to rely on crutches to walk…and it was a very long way to the stage from the back of the room where I was contemplating.

Should I raise my hand and volunteer to sing onstage?

Finally, after listening to others sing their songs onstage, I summoned up my courage and volunteered. Onstage I announced to the group of maybe 260 people that I was out of my comfort zone, and they cheered me on!

That’s the great thing about these kind of self improvement events…you receive encouragement and positivity from so many people. It’s quite uplifting!

So I sang my song, even getting the audience to participate in the chorus, and it was fun! I loved singing in front of an audience even though I’d never before sung solo onstage. The last time I sang in public was as part of a chorus of college students.

Singing solo onstage there in Orlando was a huge step for me in getting unstuck.

At the end of the seminar I thanked our presenter, and he said he thought I was a professional. “Yeah, right”, I thought to myself.

That night I wrote more verses to the song because it was fun to do so.

Anyway, since then I’ve written about 23 songs. Many of them are inspirational, and they offer lessons to seekers of self development.

That song I began in Orlando is named ‘Will You Make The Difference?’.

I’ve come to realize that getting mugged at the seminar wasn’t bad luck. It was a sign that learning about real estate investing was not what I should be doing. That’s not the way I will make the difference in our world.

Attending the seminar led to me getting unstuck about my life’s purpose.

How will you get unstuck?

Perhaps these lyrics from my song, ‘Uplifted and Inspired’, will help you:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ask for the help
of those who are Divine.
Their help you will receive
when it’s the perfect time
to be uplifted and inspired.

Find mentors.
Learn from those who care
to show you their success
and want to take you there
to be uplifted and inspired.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After receiving multitudes of divine help as well as help from numerous mentors, I continue to work on improving myself so that I will be of more value to the world.

I expect to market my songs online.  With their messages of peace, love and joy, my songs will make the world a better place.

Through the business I am building, using the power of the internet, I will fulfill my dream of founding a charity that will help poor children and orphans, beginning with the Caribbean and Latin American countries and Ukrainian orphans.

Now, what about you?

What are you doing to  get unstuck?

You’re not waiting for luck, are you?. You’ve got to take action!

Isn’t it time to eliminate your stress and anxiety?

Take action now or you may never know what joy you’re missing in your life.

Click the following link as if your authentic happiness depends on it:

Discover Lasting Happpiness

Till next time…

Wishing you peace, love and joy,

Joyce Marie

Songwriter and singer


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11 Responses to “How’s Your Luck in Getting Unstuck?”

  1. Shoshana Says:

    This is fabulous, Joyce.
    I’m really excited about what you are doing.


  2. Natalie Says:

    The story is very inspiring! I was completely engaged the whole time reading and the blog looks gorgeous and soothing. Great ideas!

  3. Real Says:

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  4. joyce Says:

    Thanks for your comments, Real! It’s great to know you found my site in Google & that you read a few of my posts. I appreciate your encouragement….that keeps me inspired to write more!


  5. Kirschner Says:

    I have to say that I am really impressed by it is to go through your blogand getting things rolling, this is an excellent site.

  6. Lorren Van Fossen@Kauai realty Says:

    Very Inspiring post, I think we can achieve every thing, But most important point is to believe in yourself & think positive, Hurdles in your way to success are part of life, Your art is, How you cross your road to success, You keep going or just quit! There will be people to help us & teach us, but the we have to walk that path alone.

  7. joyce Says:

    Thank you Lorren! I’m happy to know you found my post inspiring. Good lessons for all in your comment.

  8. Greg Eisenmenger@rockledge florida attorney Says:

    Not one of us is exempted from bad luck, misfortune, or adversity. The fact is, it is impossible to avoid. Nevertheless, the opportunity to learn and the potential to turn it into a good situation are always there – if you are willing to deal with it properly. Like what you did, if we are going to handle the situation with wisdom and a positive attitude, we can always turn bad situations into our favor.

  9. Joyce Says:

    As you said, Greg, we have the opportunity to learn and turn misfortune into good. Thank you for commenting.

  10. janet d Says:

    great advice on your site, makes me smile.

  11. Joyce Says:

    Thanks, Janet! I’m so happy to know I make you smile!

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