When Will You Stop Procrastinating and Embrace Change?

Change doesn’t come easy for most of us.

Stop Procrastinating

Stop Procrastinating

Does it for you?

Isn’t it your time now to stop procrastinating?

Several nights ago I was listening to a New Wealth Experience interview of Ariane De Bonvoisin, an expert on handling life changes. Even though I had never heard of her before, I decided to take the time to listen because her topic of handling changing times with clarity and hope was perfect for me on that day.

I was feeling down that afternoon. My business wasn’t progressing the way I expected. Then while going through older emails, one of them caught my attention.

The email that attracted me was inviting me to listen for free to a series of interviews of 21 thought leaders, including several stars of the movie, ‘The Secret’. These leaders are experts in helping others achieve health, wealth and happiness in their lives, so I decided to register.

As luck would have it, the first call was that same night and was about the very topic I needed that day. That call really helped get me out of my sad state.

Would you like a few highlights of that interview?

Okay, here’s some of what I wrote in my notes and also questions for you to ask yourself:

The Change Guarantee:  From this change something good will come.

– Are you expecting good things to happen rather than expecting the worst?

– Why not expect the best?

Whatever is missing in your life is what you’re not giving.

– Are you giving enough of your time to your loved ones?

– Are you giving service to your community?

– Are you giving money to those less fortunate than you?

When you give, you must do it in a way of generosity. I loved hearing Ariane tell her special way of giving to a homeless person and some of the reactions she has received.

When you start doing for someone else, it shifts the energy of how you’re feeling.

Resistance is what causes us so much pain.

– If you could stop the pain of resistance by making a change, why wouldn’t you?

Get yourself out of that pain!

Did you answer my questions?

If not, go back and do it now!

And then read these lyrics from my song, ‘Uplifted and Inspired’:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Take action now.
It’s up to you.
Be remembered for
all the good that you do.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Time for you to stop procrastinating, isn’t it?

Follow the path of highly successful people. Listen and learn.

You, too, can register for the series of interviews just as I did.

Those interviews (your personal blueprint for new wealth!) are continuing into the last week of November 2009. Each call is recorded and the recordings are available for 24 hours after each live interview.

When you register for free you are given the option of paying to receive full lifetime access to all the call recordings.

And in addition to being able to listen to the MP3 recordings anytime, there’s much more that you get with the paid option. You also get transcripts of those calls and a multitude of amazing bonuses…such a deal!

These are recordings you’ll want to hear again and again. It’s so easy to forget some of the best lessons you learn, right? That’s why you have to continue feeding your mind with positive stuff.

Click the following link to register:

Your invitation for Life Freedom

Why listen to those interviews?

Because you can learn:

* Why the changed economy of today requires new ways of creating wealth and fulfillment

* About natural flow and how to Access Unlimited Quantities of the Currency of the New Economy

* How you can get unstuck from the hidden thing that’s blocking you

* About an invisible block which keeps your Passion, Power, and Prosperity painfully just beyond your reach

* How to let go of resistance and unlock your inner power

* About the huge impact of KINDNESS and CONNECTION in the new economy

* And a whole lot more!

What are you waiting for?

Stop procrastinating!

Register now: Your invitation for Life Freedom

Till next time…

Wishing you peace, love and happiness,

Joyce Marie
Songwriter and singer
Founder, LessonsFromLyrics.com

P.S. I’ll be listening to another empowering interview tonight. What will you be doing?

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10 Responses to “When Will You Stop Procrastinating and Embrace Change?”

  1. nothingprofound Says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. Generosity toward others is a wonderful way to stop thinking and worrying about oneself.

  2. David Adams@locksmith berkeley Says:

    yes it is very essential in business, because in business one should be focused totally and confident, when one is strong from within, he/she can surely get success in any firm he/she steps to.
    .-= David Adams@locksmith berkeley´s last blog ..ROR Sitemap for http://www.totalbaylocksmith.com/ =-.

  3. joyce Says:

    Thanks for your comment, David.

  4. Leon@SEO Packages Says:

    Thinking about Negative will only lead you to negative aspects and approaches, so its better to be positive irrespective of result, atleast negative result with positive approach will never bother you.

  5. Rinat@Mobile Spa Parties Says:

    I have a hard time with procrastination. I’ve found that it really only takes a lot of energy in the beginning to get over that hump of procrastination and then you just start rolling and its easy to keep going.

  6. Joyce Says:

    Thanks Rinat. I appreciate your comment. Yes, once you get over that challenging hump, it is easy.

  7. Joyce Says:

    Yes Leon, it’s definitely better to be positive. Thanks for commenting.

  8. abstract art for sale Says:

    Sometimes I just have to force myself to sit down, and paint. This is my work and I don’t always want to do it – I love to procrastinate. We have to push ourselves.
    .-= abstract art for sale´s last blog ..Actor Aids Vancouver Rockers =-.

  9. Greg Eisenmenger@cocoa beach personal injury Says:

    Even though we already know that change is inevitable, we seem to always fight against it – fighting to keep what’s familiar. I guess it’s human nature to defend our comfort zones. I think we should just take it one day at a time. We should always remember that it’s our perception that affects us – our thoughts, reactions, and feelings. We do have the ability to choose our perceptions.

  10. Joyce Says:

    Great advice, Greg! Thank you!

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