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What Do Inspiring Quotes Do For You?

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Remember in my last post I talked about using mantras to be more confident?

Did you try using mantras yet?

Or how about inspiring quotes?

I’m telling you… they work!

Not just for my friend, but for me, too!

So, here’s my story of how a mantra and an inspiring quote helped me.

Some weeks ago Brian and I attended Pat O’Bryan’s UnSeminar6 in San Antonio, Texas. Although I knew that I was meant to be there, Brian wasn’t sure about attending.

But when our hotel room number corresponded to his birthday, we knew he was supposed to be there.

Do you notice signs like that showing up in your life?

Anyway, during the seminar I got inspired by one of the unscheduled speakers, Martha Giffen, who said how easy it was to get interviews from the speakers.

Sometime later Joe Vitale took the stage and wowed the audience. I’m always amazed at what he continues to accomplish…and… can you believe it?

He was homeless for a number of years!

So, at dinner that night, Brian was wishing he’d asked Joe how he got out of being homeless.

How did Joe go from being homeless, friendless and feeling unloved by everyone, including himself?

My brain started thinking, “I wonder if music or lyrics played a role? Maybe Joe would let me interview him about that and maybe other speakers would, too.”

Would I get up the nerve to ask Joe?


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Are You Allowing The Laws of Attraction to Help You?

Saturday, June 20th, 2009
Are You Allowing The Laws of Attraction to Hel...

The other day I caught myself being guilty of the very thing my husband had recently been discussing. I wasn’t using the Laws of Attraction to help me. But more on my guilt later…

Brian had told me that he got upset when he was helping a friend, Bill, move some office equipment using a dolly.

Why did he get upset?

Because as Brian tried to guide the dolly for Bill, he heard Bill angrily say, “Don’t try to manage me!”

And as the day progressed, Brian heard Bill tell him those words again and again as he tried to help Bill.

Ouch! How words can hurt, especially when said in anger… by a friend you’re trying to help.

So, Brian was hurt, and he told me about the incident when he came home. He wasn’t so sure he wanted to continue his friendship with Bill… Bill seemed too full of negativity, and Brian didn’t feel appreciated.

Next day Brian went again to continue helping Bill.

And you know what Brian did?


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