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Do Motivational Stories Help You?

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

I believe that motivational stories can help you, so let me tell you this one. It’s my own experience.

In case you don’t already know this from another story, I really love to sing…even in front of an audience! Since I don’t play a musical instrument, I’ve become quite accustomed to singing a capella, which means singing without musical accompaniment.

Lucky for me, I can stay on key through a whole song without music. My brother, Robert, a singer and musician, told me that not many people can do that. So I feel blessed with that gift!

When my daughter, Natalie, asked if I wanted to write a song and sing it at her wedding reception, I was thrilled. I began writing the song last year and completed it months ago. Then I began practicing singing it and also doing voice and breathing exercises daily.

I practiced over and over again…and then some more. And I only expected to be really good when I performed my song at her wedding. I never considered that I would do less than my best.

I also told myself in my twice daily affirmations that I am a successful singer. I had great expectations and positive thoughts….

Did all that practicing and positive thinking and affirmations pay off?

Here’s what happened…

Motivational Stories

Joyce Marie, mother-of-the-bride, singing at the wedding reception

When I sang at the wedding reception, in front of a band and before an audience of about 117 people, I wasn’t even nervous. Since it was a love song, I sang it looking at my husband, Brian. And I was singing with no musical accompaniment. So my voice was extra important. It was a challenging song requiring that my singing be exceptionally good.

After I sang my song, I received many uplifting compliments on my performance, as well as the song. My brother, Robert, said I was really brave.

It’s amazing how brave you can be when you really want to do something.

What is it that motivates you to be brave?

Do you have a dream of doing something that calls for courage?

How are you keeping that dream alive?

Do you cherish that dream and do things to make it happen?

With those questions in mind, check out these lyrics from my song, ‘Choose A Dream:’

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What Effect Do Motivational Stories Have On You?

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

I really enjoy reading and watching motivational stories. They motivate and inspire me to improve myself.

Is that true for you?

If yes, then let me tell you another one of my motivational stories.

Where shall I begin?

I think I’ll go all the way back to when I was about 5 years old. This is a little embarrassing, but, here goes. ..
I sucked my thumb to comfort myself! Yes, at 5 years old, I was still a thumb sucker!

When I felt sad, I curled up on the soft, velvety couch in our living room and sucked my thumb. As the middle child of 7 children, I didn’t get a lot of attention, and my parents did not say to me “I love you.”

Then one day my mother took a picture of me as I sucked my thumb. Apparently she was not thrilled that her 5 year old daughter was still sucking her thumb. I guess I was so embarrassed and mortified that I no longer sucked my thumb after that….at least, that’s what I remember. My mother died years ago, so I can’t verify this story with her.

But would she even remember, since she had 7 kids?

Long after quitting my bad habit, even though I no longer sucked my thumb, I was shy and self-conscious. And I didn’t know how to overcome that. But I wanted to.

When I was in high school, I didn’t like hearing that people thought I was stuck up. That wasn’t true at all. I really wanted to be friendly.

But how could I be friendly when I was so shy?

Many years after high school, shyness still controlled me. Then finally I made a huge breakthrough…


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