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Are You Ready for an Inspirational Story?

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Last night Brian invited me to watch a video with him. WOW! What an inspirational story it told. And it was so touching.

I just watched it again and was just as moved by it as when I first saw it. Really love the music and lyrics, too!…Josh Groban singing accompanied by an orchestra!

Here’s that inspirational video so you can enjoy it, too:

How did it affect you?

My story continues…

This morning as I was exercising, I noticed that I had more energy than usual. And, of course, that’s a good thing! So I was very grateful for that. And I shared with Brian that I had more energy. When I told him that I was able to easily increase the number of pushups I did today, he asked…

“How many did you do?”


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When Are Good Thoughts Not The Solution?

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

I commend you if you choose to think good thoughts. That’s what I usually do. But the reality is that sometimes it takes something besides positive thinking to get what you want. Good Thoughts

Here’s my story to illustrate that point.

One day while on our usual morning walk in the park, Brian and I walked carefully down the narrow dirt path on a high slope that leads down to the wide paved main pathway below. Since Brian was talking, I didn’t interrupt to remind him that it’s best to walk as quickly as you can on those one lane dirt paths on the slope.

Why did I recommend that?

Because some of the bicyclists in the park ride very fast and with little or no regard for pedestrians. They appear behind you without warning. You don’t even know they’re behind you until they’re suddenly beside you.

And then it happened…


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Overcoming Fear – Is That A Secret of The Laws of Attraction?

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

The Laws of Attraction were in action for me today. I had decided to write a post about overcoming fear and had an idea in mind about what to write.

Then when I checked my email I found an email from Dr. Joe Vitale. I noticed it last night with its subject line announcing a free teleseminar on how to attract money. Since it was late last night when I saw it, I decided to wait until this morning to open it.

That was a wise decision! The teleseminar was today. I listened intently and took many notes as Dr. Vitale was interviewed by Annie Jennings, head of her own highly successful PR firm, Annie Jennings PR.

Since I enjoy and learn from hearing Dr. Vitale’s interviews of notable people and the insightful questions he asks, I was very attracted to this teleseminar.

I previously heard him quote someone as saying:

“ I’m totally satisfied. I just want more.”

Don’t you want more?

Because I have big dreams of helping lots of children as well as adults, the subject of attracting money was very attractive to me.

In today’s interview Dr. Vitale talked about how your conscious mind wants money while your unconscious mind puts up a psychological barrier. You both want and fear money at the same time.

So there he was talking about fear! Remember that I said I had planned to write today about overcoming fear?

He mentioned fear again when he was talking about…


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How Can Positive Affirmations Help You?

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

When I moved from Texas to New York many years ago, one of the things I noticed about people there was how they responded to the question “How are you?”

The typical response in New York was “Not bad”.

In Texas I was accustomed to getting the response “Fine.”

What strikes you most about the difference in those responses?

Did you notice that in the first example, the focus is on negative words, and in the second example, the response is a positive word?

Do you know what Mother Teresa said regarding an invitation to an anti-war demonstration?

She said she would not attend an anti-war demonstration, but that if you invited her to a peace rally, she would go.

So, what does that illustrate?

It shows that Mother Teresa focused on the positive. She would not go to an event that was against something negative, but she would go to an event for something positive.

Her answer is in line with the Laws of Attraction… What you think or talk about comes to you. You attract what you focus on.

How can you apply that to yourself?

Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations

Why not create some positive affirmations to answer the questions that follow?

I wrote some example answers to give you a head start, but you should give an answer that most speaks from your heart’s desire. What do you want to attract? Beginning your affirmations with “I am” is very powerful.

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